New SMAI AirFit!

We have a new SMAI AirFit bike!! 'The SMAI AirFit Bike 2.0 has been carefully crafted to offer you the absolute best air resistance bike available. Designed with the finest materials for durability, it features an improved frame design and upgraded console. Featuring easy adjustment options and a new handle bar configuration the AirFit Bike 2.0 is designed to challenge the toughest athletes. With the specific ability to target your upper and lower body the air bike is the perfect addition to any space.’ - The fan blades have been designed to be placed at specific areas of the wheel so the faster you go the more resistance is applied. Featuring an adjustable padded seat the design

Member of the Month - September

Congratulations to Greg Alley for being our September member of the month! Greg has been with Riverside for the past 15 months and in that time he has managed to lose a whopping 15kgs! He has also contributed to the gym doing upholstery for some of the equipment and he has brought a positive attitude and atmosphere to the Riverside community. Well deserved Greg!