Member of the Month - June

Congratulations to Linda for being such a happy & positive member of Riverside always giving us lots of beautiful feedback about our amazing trainers. Linda will enjoy a $50 voucher at The Cove Restaurant in Ballina 🏆💪🏻👍🏻🏋️‍♀️#Thecove #riverside #fitness #groupfitness

How to Chose the right PT

Having a personal trainer has so many benefits for you and your fitness journey, to make sure you get the most from your trainer it is important to get the right trainer for you and your goals. Below is a list of things to consider when you are chasing your PT. 1. Make sure any PT you use is certified!! Ask for confirmation of this, you don’t want to end up injured because they don’t really know what they talking about! 2. What are you training for? Weight loss? Strength? Cardio/endurance? Make sure your trainer can really give you the information and support that is suitable for your goals. 3. How are you motivated? Do you need ‘tough love’ and an authority like command or do you need someo

How to stick to your Fitness Program!

Are you all for getting the results that you know you'll get if you just stick to that program you have in you gym bag but are having trouble keeping it up? Here are some tips from us at Riverside 24/7 Fitness that will helpfully get you closer to your goals! 1. Get you motivations right! Do it for YOU, for your health, for your happiness, and for your wellbeing. Not for someone else or to look a certain way, these are added bonuses but shouldn’t be your motivation. It will help to sit down and have a good think about you’re true motivations, visualise these and make sure they are something that is going to get you up and moving, even on the days you don’t want to! 2. Set real and attainable

Member of the Month - May

Member of the Month for May Johanna Baxter, Congratulations from the team at Riverside. Thank you to our Sponsor Cove Restaurant Ballina 💪🏻👌🏻👍🏻