Tamar Stone

Nutrition consultant 



I’m an accredited nutrition consultant and counsellor.

I’ve previously worked in Western Australia population health as part of the chronic disease team. My role included giving those who have Asthma, COPD, diabetes nutritional education. The goal of our team was to reduce the symptoms of those diseases to assist clients in a healthy lifestyle and reduce their hospitalisation.


I want to help inspire and empower healthy eating, if we nourish our bodies with healthy nutritious food, this helps maintain a healthy body weight, healthy mind, energy and vitality. 

Proper nutrition promotes health and helps us as we age by reducing the risk of chronic diseases giving you overall health and well-being.


As a nutrition consult, I can provide nutritional advice for a wide range of nutrition-related issues such as:

Food allergies and intolerances

Gastrointestinal disorders



Anorexia nervosa 

Autoimmune diseases 

Healthy weight management 

Sports performance 

Nutritional deficiency 

Childhood nutrition 



I love to help people reach their health goals,

I’m living proof that eating healthy works and have managed my own personal battle of reducing my symptoms of severe autoimmune disease by simply changing my eating, I can help you too. 

Do you have asthma, I can help you with some simple asthma education to manage your symptoms reduce your episodes and exacerbations simply by changing your diet. This will change your life. You’ll have a life! 

Reach out if you need help managing your weight, want more energy, have allergies or an eating disorder... I’m here to help.


Phone: 0418 828 543

Email: tamarstonenutrition@bigpond.com