• Emma Pennisi

Member of the Month - Oct / Nov

Riverside is proud to announce our October and November Member of the month!


~Jacob King~

Jacob is a very happy and consistent member, always bringing his playful and cheerful attitude with him to the gym. He helps other members where he can and has worked hard to achieve his own personal goals. We are so happy to have him as our October Member of the Month and as a member of Riverside 24/7 Fitness!


~Susan Braid~

Susan is an enthusiastic and cheerful gym member, bringing her positive attitude and infectious smile to every class she attends. She recently played a major role in the organisation of the Great Cycle Challenge Movie Night and Raffles. We could not be prouder of her efforts and are honoured to have her as a Riverside 24/7 Fitness Member!

Susan will enjoy a massage with our resident Osteopath Vivian Potts.

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