• Emma Pennisi

Member of the Month - March

Morgan O'Halloran

Before After

Morgan AKA "Morgs" is one of Riversides longest standing members with 11 years to his name!

In the past 12 months Morgs has made some incredible changes to his lifestyle and diet. As you can see in these before and after photos Morgs has always been a well built, muscular guy however he struggled with fat loss and nutrition. With the help of a personal trainer he has been able to manipulate his diet and training in order to maintain his lean muscle mass and lose a massive 32kg of body fat! Morgs also unknowing takes on a role model position within our gym community with a lot of your younger members looking up to him and openly listening to his advice and help which he is always willing to give!

We could not be prouder of how far he has come and all that he contributes to Riverside, a very well deserved Member of the Month!

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