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How to stick to your Fitness Program!

Are you all for getting the results that you know you'll get if you just stick to that program you have in you gym bag but are having trouble keeping it up?

Here are some tips from us at Riverside 24/7 Fitness that will helpfully get you closer to your goals!

1. Get you motivations right! Do it for YOU, for your health, for your happiness, and for your wellbeing. Not for someone else or to look a certain way, these are added bonuses but shouldn’t be your motivation. It will help to sit down and have a good think about you’re true motivations, visualise these and make sure they are something that is going to get you up and moving, even on the days you don’t want to!

2. Set real and attainable goals and then take baby steps towards achieving them, as you achieve your realistic goals make sure you CELEBRATE, any movement forward is a win!

As you feel yourself gaining more and more belief that you can achieve the goals you set you can set bigger goals, doing it this way ensures you don’t feel overwhelmed and give up, you keep on keeping on until, before you know it, your exactly where you want to be!

3. Mix it up! Don’t let your training or your meals get boring, keep it interesting! Use Pinterest to get ideas and motivation, a personal trainer can really help make it fun too!

4. Bring a friend. Training with someone else is fun and another way to hold you accountability, to them and yourself.

5. Track your progress, either with an app or a program sheet, its really rewarding seeing your weights and reps go up as you get fitter and stronger! If you’ve taken measurements of yourself you can track them too! Also having a calendar where you can mark everyday you exercise is another great way to see you’re achievements.

6. Get yourself a trainer. The difference in progress, results and motivation can be huge when you get yourself a trainer that knows what they’re doing! We definitely recommend getting a trainer if you’re just starting out, what you’ll gain in way of knowledge is beyond valuable, they know how to set weights, reps, exercise and frequency so you get the results your after. As well as correcting technique and form to prevent injury while possibly recommending some dietary tips and suggestions, they really have you covered!

Talk to us in the gym about our amazing trainers!

7. Find a good environment train in, obviously we recommend Riverside!! Some where that s fun, supportive, convenient, friendly and helpful!! Also somewhere you enjoy being... that view form the gym makes every workout with it!

8. Celebrate and Reward your wins!! Its proven that if we do this we are more likely to carry on succeeding! Also give yourself some credit, you’re doing great!

9. Make it cost you. If you have invested something already there is a higher chance you will stick it out and hold yourself to you’re goals, think about it, you’ve got 6 months or a years gym membership, thats not a cheap thing, why the *%$# would you just through that money away, you won’t cause you’re a sensible person! You’ll also have the though ‘well I’ve paid for it now, i may as well go’ next minute, you’re right where you want to be, feeling good!

10. Talk to your friends and family about your goals, feeling like you have their support or they at least understand what you’ve aimed to achieve will make the journey a lot easier, they might even help you along the way!

11. Enjoy it! Make it fun, everybody does that differently, you do you, babe!

12. Ask yourself what is it costing you not to, really, if you don’t do work towards your goals, even if its hard at times, where does it leave you and what does life look like if you do nothing or cary on as you are?? In 6 months, a years, 5 years, are you happy?? Be honest!

13. Be selfish. You’re important, treat yourself so, you also cant give from an empty cup. Go on, admit it, you’d love to love yourself.

14. Create time! I’ve already touched on this, make it a priority, ask yourself what it will cost you if you don’t make a change and stick to it and also remember there is no such thing as not time, only that something isn’t a priority. Ill say it again, make yourself a priority!

15. Finally, ask us for help! We are at the desk in the gym every weekday and every Saturday, on top of that you can email us at or call us on 0266867544 and we'll get back to you as soon as we can, we're here to help! We WANT you to succeed in your goals, lets work together!

We’ve got lots of amazing trainers, a dietitian, and a life coach all here to help, lets get you moving!!!

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